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Survarium update reveals new locations and the Fringe Settlers


A new community update reveals some new locations and a ragtag faction: the Fringe Settlers. Screenshots of the school location have been unearthed, showing exactly what mother nature would do to our beloved sanctuaries of teaching. There’s also a chemical plant, a vivid reminder of the Soviet Union’s industrial legacy. Finally the Fringe Settlers live on the edge of the safe-zone. They’re a mysterious bunch, but this new update sheds some light on their motives.

Survarium is a F2P MMOFPS set in the near future, where an ecological catastrophe has ravaged the Earth. No one knows why or how, but nature has retaken much of human civilisation. Plant life is in abundance, wild animals have gone savage and attack survivors without mercy. Only a handful of humans have survived, all split into warring factions. Because that is the best way to survive.

Check out the developer diary for some context:

The new locations look fantastic, but the most interesting reveal is definitely the Fringe Settlers. They live on the outskirts of the safe-zone, where the encroaching forest seems to have stopped it’s conquest to retake what’s left of the human race.

What we do know is that they believe in living in harmony with their new surroundings. They’re not afraid of the forest and its denizens, a rare trait among the survivors. Instead they speak of a place deep within, Eden, where no anomalies or deadly mutants can be found. A place where humans can start fresh, and be reborn in harmony.

They sound absolutely dreadful.