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Free games: Win a code for STALKER-like Survarium’s new three-player co-op mission mode!


This time of year is all about bringing people together. So we thought why not try to do that with the aid of videogames, eh? That’s why we’re giving away 1000 codes that grant access to Survarium’s newish PvE mode – which is all about teamwork. Stick with us below to be in with a chance of winning a code!

If you don’t know, Survarium is a post-apocalyptic, online first-person shooter that is most often compared to the STALKER games. It certainly has that vibe about it, with dangerous anomalies scattered around its huge forests and wastelands, not to mention the warring factions you become part of and fight against.

Until recently, however, Survarium has been PvP only – a new PvE mode was added in October with the 0.50 patch. It brought a single story-driven mission featuring the Black Market and The Renaissance Amry, which unravels the secret experiments that led to the creation of the Forest.

The mission is designed to be played by three players, who will need to work together to complete tasks, and to reach each checkpoint. As long as one of the players reaches a checkpoint you will all be saved from having to start over – those that died being resurrected at the checkpoint.

Developers Vostok Games were working on another feature that will soon be added to Survarium, too. The expansion of weapon modding! It wasn’t added in the 0.50 patch but the team had been working on it at the same time as they were that content.

When patch 0.51 arrives, weapons will have a module system so you can change different parts out, with a focus on making it more realistic, so that parts that look odd on certain guns have been replaced with new customisations. As to how you unlock weapon modules, you’ll be able to win them in PvP matches but also find them in PvE mission stashes and the treasure hunt trophies.

You can also expect a special Christmas event with patch 0.51 which, yes, means it’s coming very soon. Full details can be found here.

Survarium giveaway

Now then, let’s get you a code for the PvE mode, shall we? You can be in enter to win one by completing one of the actions in the widget above. If you do win one, your, code will give you three Access Keys to play Team Mission. They can be used on old and new accounts but only one code per account can be redeemed.

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