Survarium is coming to Europe in the new year; open beta launches on January 5th

Survarium FPS

Free to play Survival MMOFPS, Survarium, is finally hitting European players in early January with the launch of new dedicated servers. The event will be celebrated with an open beta for all European folks, which will feature two variations of the games PVP modes: Team Deathmatch and Battery Retrieval.

If you haven’t heard about the upcoming Survarium from Vostok Games, here’s the skinny. It’s an survival MMOFPS sandbox set in an apocalyptic city which has been devastated by an “ecological catastrophe”. As time passed, the few survivors left are governed by anarchy, splintered amongst various self proclaimed factions. There’s several ways to play the game too. You can play it in co-op with friends, or as part of a much larger community of other players. Finally, you can go directly head to head with other teams of survivors in merciless PVP matches.

The open beta will be available in English, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and German languages, with more to follow in the future. PVP – being the primary way to play in the beta – will also come in two flavours: your standard Team Deathmatch, and a new mode called Battery Retrieval – which remains a mystery, but an educated guess is it’s a certain take on capture the flag.

European servers and open beta launch on January 5th – you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled on Survarium’s website for details on how to sign up.

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