Tropico devs Haemimont Games working on Surviving Mars, a city-building game set in space

Surviving Mars

Paradox are teaming up with the folks behind Tropico to make Surviving Mars, a city-builder about permanently colonising our redder cousin. Haemimont Games announced it during PDXCon and it’s due in 2018.

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The game’s tagline is “colonise Mars and discover her secrets, with minimal casualties.” You can see how that plays out for the poor folks headed redward in the trailer above.

The official siteis now available, offering signups via the Paradox account system for in-game items. Loads more details available over on the Paradox Plaza, including mod support, randomised research and more.

Gabriel Dobrev, CEO at Haemimont, says that they “want to build a community of people who are passionate about going to Mars and making that dream come true.”