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Sword Coast Legends delayed until October 20th

Sword Coast Legends

Digital Extremes and n-Space have announced that they will be delaying the release of Sword Coast Legends. The game was due to be released next week on September 29th, but will now launch a few weeks later on October 20th. 

The decision to delay the launch comes after pre-purchasers played the early access Dungeon Master mode and reported feedback to the developers. Reflecting on the gathered feedback, n-Space decided more time was needed to make sure Sword Coast Legends was ready for release. 

"When we set out to create Sword Coast Legends we wanted to give players an exciting new way to experience the magic of playing D&D with friends," said Dan Tudge, President of n-Space and Director for Sword Coast Legends. "The decision to delay the launch of Sword Coast Legends was not an easy one to make, but after receiving feedback from our dedicated community, it became clear that a few more weeks of polish would provide our customers with the best possible experience at launch."

The Sword Coast Legends community - 15,000 players strong - has already racked up thousands of hours in Dungeon Master mode. 

As an apology for the delay, everyone who plays Sword Coast Legends - in pre-release or not - will be able to get the Rage of Demons DLC for free.

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nu1mlock avatarHtorne avatarhallowedthings avatar
nu1mlock Avatar
2 Years ago

While I believe it's a good thing that they delay the game to make it as good as possible, I do not like it when they do so only one week before release.

They SHOULD have been aware of whatever issues they have for a while. They might not have been, but they SHOULD have been if done correctly. This isn't a couple of bugs that make the game unplayable that was found last-minute, they're stuff that simply isn't good enough.

Oh well, hopefully the game will be better because of it and it's a good thing that they're offering the first DLC for free due to the delay.

I'm hoping the delay is worth it, I'm looking forward to be playing it with my friends.

Htorne Avatar
2 Years ago

Blame Agile development teams, they always do this.

hallowedthings Avatar
2 Years ago