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Medieval Steam roguelite you can play now feels like a new Hades game

A new roguelite game that combines the best of Diablo and Hades, Sworn has a Steam Next Fest demo that you can try yourself right now.

Sworn Steam roguelike game: A possessed king from new Steam roguelike game Sworn

The medieval King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are usually depicted as heroes, fighting off the Anglo-Saxons as they try to take over Britain. In Sworn, a new co-op roguelite that takes inspirations from Diablo and Hades, Arthur is corrupted, and you must fight through a fallen Camelot to slay him and save the realm.

Sworn is a new isometric co-op roguelike game where you become a soulforged knight and take on the powers of the Fae Lords to battle through Camelot. It’s a medieval twist on the aesthetic of Diablo and the feel and progression of Hades. You can play alone or in a group of four and meet figures from Arthur’s legend such as Merlin and Nimue.

In Hades, you get your powers from the Gods of Olympus, but in Sworn, it’s the Fae Lords who will grant you strength. There are over 200 unique boons to acquire from them, and these can be combined with different characters, abilities, and weapons so that every run feels different.

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The world of Sworn is all completely hand drawn and inspired by the work of American artist Mike Mignola. You can check out the new Steam demo for yourself, right here.

Once you’ve had your fill of Sworn, you could try some other great co-op games to tide you over until it’s released later this year. If you’ve had enough teamwork, though, there are plenty of indie games available on PC right now that you can sink your teeth into instead.

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