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Star Wars: The Od Republic 1.5 update live on public test servers


Robot assassins: finally Bioware are speaking a language I understand. The latest game update for SWTOR is still in development but you can try out what’s ready to go into the game by logging into the public test server. Along with a new hub and challenge mode, we see the welcome return of Bioware’s favourite android, or one of his cousins, at least.

On a game websitefar, far away, where tired cliches are so old they’ve become cool again and thus I am not guilty of reeling out the same lazy writing over and over again Bioware posted this:

  • New playable companion, HK-51 – Begin your journey to unlock one of the galaxies deadliest assassins.
  • Section X –Head to Belsavis to discover this new daily hub and learn what you can do to help stop the Dread Masters in their newest scheme.
  • Nightmare Mode Explosive Conflict – Take on even greater challenges in Explosive Conflict to earn the final pieces of the Dread Guard set and more.

This is why we love the old HK series: