Star Wars The Old Republic Cantina Tour reveals Dewback mounts


Forget your Tauntaun, if you want to ride in style around the galaxy, you do it on the back of a Dewback. It’s the Sandtrooper’s beast of choice, and they’re coming to you in a future Old Republic update. 

The concept art for the Dewback mount was found on a USB drive handed out at the Cantina Tour at Gamescom. The contents of the drive have been uploaded over at, and also contain some concept art of different weapons, droids, and a look at the new F5-SC battle droid that will be a reward for referring a friend.

A Q&A session at the Tour also revealed a few tidbits. The team noted that development on new story arcs will be generally restricted to planets rather than classes, since it offers a greater amount of experience for groups of taking part, regardless of class. You also won’t ever be seeing any non “normal-sized” playable characters, so forget about that Jawa character you wanted to play as. In other things you need to stop dreaming about, missions where you start on the ground and then end up in space won’t happen either, due to technical problems that are difficult to overcome.

If you’re a SWTOR player, you might also be interested to know that the next Cantina Tour will take place in Seattle on August 31st. If you’re in the area, head on over to be the first to know more of The Old Republic’s future.

Thanks, Massively.