Star Wars: The Old Republic servers now merged


In the run up to become a free to play game, Star Wars: The Old Republic is making sure everything is neat and tidy for the incoming influx of new players by consolidating servers into one high density cluster, in a way that sounds a little like a black hole forming. A black hole of high population MMO fun.

The actual merge happened yesterday, pushing all players who were still on ‘Origin’ servers onto ‘Destination’ servers, something they flagged a while back so that people weren’t suddenly shocked to find they were on a world that looked the same as the one they’d been playing in, but had all new people. There’ll probably still be a few of those people, but at least this way they were warned.
However, a few of the previously tagged Destination servers have now become Origin servers, which means they’re getting shut down too. There’s a list of them below, as well as the slightly unsettling feeling that there might be even less people still playing SWTOR as EA had previously projected at this point.
These are the servers that no longer exist, and where they’re going to, courtesy of Darthhater:

The Fatman goes to Prophecy of the Five
Canderous Ordo goes to Jedi Covenant
Corellian Run goes to The Shadowlands
Drooga’s Pleasure Barge goes to The Harbringer, which is much less fun.
Nightmare Lands goes to The Red Eclipse
The Jedi Tower goes to T3-M4