Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers will get a Party Jawa when it goes free-to-play


When Star Wars: The Old Republic was announced as going Free to Play, Bioware decided that the best thing to do to reward their current subscribers was to let them pick the reward that they’ll get once the changeover happens. And that reward has been decided. It’s a Jawa. Just not your normal Jawa. This Jawa is a cool cat, a fly guy, the heart and soul of fun. 
This is a Party Jawa.

And he’s got some balloons, because balloons are rad. He’ll be available to all and any players who have an active subscription at the time of the changeover happens and The Old Republic becomes a Free to Play game, which should be launching at some point during this Autumn, which it looks like we’re starting to get into, because the sweltering heat is finally letting up.

I can probably unstrap all those ice lollies from my PC now. They were making a mess anyway. Here’s where you can find out all about TOR’s Free to play plans.