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Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer celebrates release of 2.0 patch

With the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic 2.0, Bioware have launched a new trailer into the internet. While a great many internettians were killed by the media projectile, we can’t help but weigh their loss against the quality of the video payload delivered.

After all, it has got lasers in it.

I guess it’s up to muggins here to teach them all a lesson, eh? Bleedin’ star droids and their quest to upset the galaxy, I just want to lay back on the beaches of Golgafrincham sipping from a pan galactic gargle blaster. Unfortunately such an activity would be anachronistic in the world of Star Wars.

Patch 2.0 brings a huge number of changes to the Star Wars MMO. We’ve highlighted a few over the past few weeks, including the changes to PvP, but you can read the full patch notes in unadulterated form here.

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VinsanityV22 avatar
VinsanityV22 Avatar
5 Years ago

I can't ever look at this and not think, "Seriously; who wanted this? Besides suits at EA and LucasArts, that is?". Man, I hope we get a proper KOTOR 3 someday.


And also another Pod Racer game - the music in this trailer is from Episode I the Phantom Menace, and the only reason I know that is because it's featured prominently in the N64/Dreamcast/PC game, "Star Wars Episode I Racer". That game was awesome.