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Star Wars: the Old Republic update 2.3 adds Ewok combat companion


I’m not much of a fighter but even I would think twice about hiring an ewok to be my backup in a brawl. Small, furry, teddy bear-like, an ewok hardly inspires fear in your enemies. Despite these qualities Bioware are adding the creatures to the mercenary roster list in Star Wars: The Old Republic’s.

According to Dulfy.net, the fuzzy little cage fighter will require a level 40 legacy to be recruited and will set you back a million credits. Clearly they’re not to be taken lightly, suggesting that the furball may actually be quite the warrior when backed into a corner.

Still, I can’t get away from the documentary evidence:

They come equipped with heavy armour and can either tank or heal, depending on your own skills.

Here it is in action:

Update 2.3 is due to be released on 6 August.