Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Customisation update is now live, makes switching species a doddle


SWTOR update 2.1 today sees denizens of both the Republic and the Sith Empire down their blasters and meet in no-man’s land to ask, ‘Who are you wearing?’. And slightly more disconcertingly, ‘Whose face are you wearing?’.

Yes, new Appearance Designer Kiosks found on both Fleets and Capital Worlds allow you to make minor or major adjustments to your haircut, eye colour, tattoos, scars, skin colour, face, body type, and even species. Combined with new name-changing consumables for your character, legacy and guild purchasable in the Cartel Market, The Old Republic now provides the tools to fundamentally change every part of your identity on the fly. Apart from that weird throat noise you make when you get a cold. Nothing doing there.

Update 2.1 is also responsible for the Dye Modules you’ll now begin spotting in the Cartel Market and in the stores of certain in-game vendors. They allow you to recolour nearly every part of your kit on a more-or-less granular level, and are obtainable through crafting.

Last but certainly not least is the Collections Interface – a space to keep Cartel Market items you’ve purchased for every character on your account.

“An added benefit of this new interface is that you can free up some Cargo or Inventory space by simply destroying any item you have unlocked on that character and then just transferring a copy of that item to your inventory as needed,” explained BioWare Austin producer Cory Butler.

Nearly everything in today’s update comes as the direct result of player suggestions. What feedback would you give BioWare for future customisation options?

Thanks, PC Gamer.