System Shock reboot Kickstarter fully funded with 18 days to go

System Shock Funded

The crowdfunded return of genre-defining System Shock has reached its $900,000 target with more than two weeks left on the clock.

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Nightdive Studios’ seemingly endless quest to bring back games from before the millennium that will no longer run on modern operating systems will continue with the first in the series they began with.

In 2012 Stephen Kick, CEO of Nightdive, founded the studio to acquire the digital rights to System Shock 2 and bring it back for those who hadn’t experienced Ken Levine’s precursor to the modern classic BioShock.

“The journey started with System Shock 2 and the reception/support I received allowed me to seek out other like minded individuals who would help locate and revive more lost classics,” Kick said in astatement celebrating the successof his latest Kickstarter.There’s no possible way I could convey how grateful the Nightdive team is to the 14,000+ backers who put their trust in us – we’re having a lot of fun remaking System Shock and we owe it all to you!”

System Shock’s 1994 release will now be updated with the Unity engine into a modern game with classic design principles. Stretch goals for the next 18 days of fundraising include a full orchestral score at $1.5m, more locations and narrative at £1.3m and extra mechanics and updates to the core design of the game including vending machines, crafting and upgrading for just $1.4m.

There are a series of unrevealed stretch goals for $2m and above that will probably surface in the next few days, unless funding looks like it’s drying up. But people sure do seem to love old games, so don’t expect that well to run out of water any time soon.