Take On Mars upgrades with new Deimos content

Take On Mars

The early access version of Take on Mars has received a new update today offering new areas to explore and new technologies to send out on missions where millions of dollars of equipment will no doubt be destroyed due to a small, seemingly insignificant calculation. 

The new areas ripe for exploration are Deimos, one of Mars’ two moons, and an asteroid belt in deep space, located between Jupiter and Mars. On the surface of Deimos you’ll be able to pilot a Rover into three large craters, each spanning a kilometer across.

“The new locations let you experience movement in a zero gravity environment, adding a new dimension to Take On Mars’ already vast aspect of robotic vehicle simulation.,” explains Martin Melicharek, the Project Lead on Take On Mars. “This also gives you the opportunity to witness an amazing ballet of asteroids in the Asteroid Belt location. Fellow space enthusiasts will also be excited to learn that the Martian weather systems are also newly present in the game, affecting your vehicles in a realistic manner. All in all, while the real Mars Curiosity keeps making discoveries, Take On Mars keeps pushing forward, improving accordingly with the great feedback we have been receiving from fellow players.”

Alongside the two new areas, the new content update introduces the Zero-G Probe, a vehicle for gravity-less environments well suited to Deimos and the asteroid belt. You’ll be able to head off on missions created by the new Dynamic Mission Generator, which randomly assigns tasks based on your location. The whole act of discovery will also be made even more immersive with weather, such as sandstorms.

Take On Mars is currently available in Early Access form from Steam.