Takedown Kickstarter finds publisher, renamed Takedown: Red Sabre


Tactical shooter Takedown scraped through to its Kickstarter target last April providing developer Serellan LLC with the funds it needed to develop a demo with which to woo publishers. It appears to have worked. 505 Games have agreed to publish Takedown, buffing out the $200,000 taken from the crowdfunding campaign with the amount necessary to develop a full title.

They ask only one thing. That Serellan LLC make Takedown’s name a little more bland.

In one of the many meetings that take place between a game being pitched to a publisher and that publisher giving the green light someone must have said that what the game needed was a subtitle.

I’ve no idea for Red Sabre is supposed to refer, thoughGoogletold me that Sabre Red is a particularly potent brand of mace. My search led me to this idiocy:

What with Gas Powered Games being bought by Wargaming, we may begin to see a trend of developers Kickstarting projects only to then find a publisher to get them the rest of the way through development.

Cheers, VG247.