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Tales from the Borderlands episode 4 launches tomorrow, new trailer sends it into space


The penultimate episode of the surprisingly good, marvellously funny Tales From The Borderlands series is coming out tomorrow and the launch trailer has landed right on time. It’s spoiler filled for the previous three episodes, or at least as far as I can tell. I’ve watched about half of ep three played by a friend, and quite enjoyed it, so fairly sure the first shot of the trailer is the last shot from that. You’ve been warned.

I might have to take another trip ’round my mate’s house, as I’m quite keen to see where things go. Two characters really stuck with me and I want to learn their fate. Main lady Fiona is quite the badass, while Gortys proves an infinitely more charming, interesting, funny – basically every positive trait-y – robotic companion than ol’ Claptrap did. The wacky Borderlands universe seems to have proved the perfect home for the Telltale formula, too. Their massive team of writers means every series is a bit of a diceroll, but I think they’ve earned the benefit of the doubt for each new, ever-weirder project.

Fraser seems to agree, with his review of Catch A Ride, the previous episode, leaving him “ravenous” for more “great gags and flashy, hyper-cool action.” He’ll have part four of his ongoing coverage of the series for you within the week. You can grab the series on Steam for £18.99.