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Warhammer creator’s underrated RPG series is 94% off if you’re fast

This ultra cheap new Humble Bundle deal includes every game and DLC pack in an underrated series from Warhammer creator Games Workshop.

Talisman Digital Edition Humble Bundle artwork showing the Reaper from the Reaper expansion.

Hailing from Warhammer creator Games Workshop, Talisman: Digital Edition and all its DLC packs are now super cheap over on Humble Bundle. This popular digital board game is an easy recommendation for fans of the fantastical, and this new deal offers almost unprecedented bang for your buck.

While the Talisman: Digital Edition base pack is a free PC game, this bundle also includes the solo adaptation, Talisman Origins, and all 52 DLC additions for both games at what works out as $0.19 each. In total, you’re paying just $10 for what would normally cost you $162.

So what’s Talisman all about? At its core, it’s about taking your character on a journey to reach something called the Crown of Command. Without the DLC, it’s relatively simple, but with expansions that add new events, maps, and character types, there’s an enormous capacity for variety. If you’ve ever played any Warhammer games before, the dense lore and worldbuilding should be to your liking.

The Talisman: The Complete Collection Returns bundle is only available until Friday, June 7, 2024, so if you want to add this to your collection, make sure you don’t miss out. As with all Humble Bundles, it’s also helping to raise money for charity, and in this particular case, the charity is buildOn, which works towards breaking the cycle of poverty and illiteracy through service and education.

Physical board games certainly have their place (just look at the list of the best board games on our sister site, Wargamer), but I find digital versions just a whole lot more convenient. No longer do I need storage space, a large table, or friends living nearby to play.

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