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Talisman: The Horus Heresy announced for February


Nomad Games were all for teasing last week when Jeremy took a few pot-shots at what their cryptic Warhammer 40,000 tweet could be all about. They’ve now revealed their plans – rather than a port of the 41st millenium-set boardgame Relic or the Fantasy Flight Horus Heresy boardgame, it’s a new edition of Talisman based around Games Workshop’s sci-fi franchise and its most important event.

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This new version will be digital only and has been designed with that in mind. Playing as either a traitor or loyalist legion of space marines, you’ll adventure round the galaxy before finally confronting either The Emperor or Horus and trying to take them down.

With more than two players you’ll be operating in teams, trying to rid the galaxy of opposing scum in tandem. There’s eighteen Legions and eight characters to play as, spanning the story of the Heresy from Istvaan to Terra. As with Talisman, it’s coming to Windows and OSX in February, and pre-orders will be available from the 26th of this month. The max player count is only four this time around, with full AI support if you don’t have anyone to join you.

For fans of the immensely popular board game and the equally well-loved setting, it’s the perfect pair. I’ve personally only played Talisman through Relic and, while I enjoyed it, found a it a little low on strategy, high on dice rolls for my tastes. It’s more a game about seeing what happens than planning to overcome it, which I’m all for so long as everyone knows that going in. The pull of Heresy-based games is probably going to be too strong for me to resist. What about you?