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Tango Fiesta leaves Early Access and presumably thousands of corpses in its wake


Retro ’80s action movie homage Tango Fiesta has finally shot its way out of Early Access, landing on PC and Mac like a cooked grenade. 

It’s a top-down shooter that can be played by four muscle-bound bros – or lady bros – in both online and local co-op, shooting and exploding your way through deserts, jungles and urban settings.

Tango Fiesta is going for that ‘old-school with some new-school twists’ feel, letting you pick from a massive arsenal before each mission “to unleash bullet hell on every son of a bitch that crosses your path”. Stages are procedurally generated, so you’ll be able to pile up the bodies forever if you find yourself enjoying its tongue in cheek charms.

Check out the in your face launch trailer below:

It’s on Steam right now if you can handle the testosterone.