Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 is available on Steam

Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 Graviteam Strategy Sim Out Now

Graviteam, who are a quite highly respected studio among gamers who enjoy serious armed combat sims, have just released their latest in the genre. Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 naturally focuses on tank-based warfare. The title bills itself as a “tactical battalion level combat simulation” with both turn-based and real-time game modes to test your mettle on.

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Transporting players to the infamous Battle of Tunisia, one of World War II’s grandest displays of armored unit combat. Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 allows players to engage in realistic tank battles using more than 50 meticulously detailed vehicles from the Allied Forces and Axis Powers. Two different methods of control, either turn-based or real-time strategy, makes battlefield management an experience tailored to each player’s personal preferences and provides a true overarching look at the complexities of war.

Vladimir Zayarniy, Graviteam CEO says that the game’s “combination of smart design and definitive history, put together by true World War II aficionados, will floor those looking for a new take on the uncompromising game of war.” Adding that “the realistic organizational structures and definite strategies of the U.S. Army and German Wehrmacht are on full display for history buffs to engage with.”

Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 certainly seems to be a title aimed squarely at tank aficionados and World War II scholars. Its is currently available for purchase on PC via Steam for $33.99/£25.49 from May 1-7. Afterwards, the game’s price will return to $39.99/£29.99.