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Meat Fortress is Team Fortress 2 VR but with sausages

Meat Fortress reiminages Team Fortress 2’s cast as gun-wielding sausages

Ever imagined the Team Fortress 2 gang as human-sized, meat stick shaped entities? Well now, you don’t have to. Meat Fortress takes the sandbox shooter’s iconic cast and reimagines them as a group of gun-wielding sausages. And yes, you read that right.

Meat Fortress is a free content update to Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Handgrenades, a VR anthology of tongue-in-cheek challenges, mini-games, and virtual reality experiments and, with Valve’s blessing, TF2 is the next-in-line to get H3’s absurd treatment. In an interview with YouTube channel Valve News Network, development lead Anton Hand explains how RUST LTD acquired the TF2 license, the challenges of adapting the shooter into VR, and what’s in this meaty expansion.

“You’re going to be getting the entire classic arsenal of TF2 as it was when it launched,” Hand explains. “So, all of those guns and melee weapons, they’ve been remastered and re-engineered for VR. What that means is that they have been remodeled, especially internally, for them to make enough mechanical sense as though they were a real firearm.”

Hand goes on to say explain that alongside the Meat Fortress arsenal, the content update will feature three new games modes. “There’s going to be a free-for-all mode called Food Fight, a team based mode called Dog Eat Dog, and there’s going to be a defence mode called Meat vs Mob.” You can watch the sausage fest in the trailer below.

Meat Fortress isn’t only inspired by the shooter’s weapons and classes; many of TF2’s mechanics, combat, and maps have been revamped with a cheeky twist, such as Meat Fortress’s “mustard bleed rate.”

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RUST LTD’s VR love-letter to TF2 releases on June 28 so make sure you check out the base game, available on Steam before the expansion comes out.