Team Fortress 2 has a new football-inspired mode: PASS Time


Valve have just put a new Team Fortress 2 game mode into beta, and it’s unlike any of the game’s traditional modes. PASS Time is a football-inspired mode where teams have to score goals amid gunfire and bludgeoning. In a world obsessed with Rocket League, it sounds the perfect new addition. 

PASS Time has been developed in collaboration with TV and movie studio Bad Robot and Escalation Studios. Bad Robot and Valve have been chatting recently, and Bad Robot wished they could have a crack at working alongside a community and refining a product with input from fans – something that just doesn’t happen when making films. Valve offered them the chance to help make something for Team Fortress, and here we have PASS Time.

Players must score goals with the “jack” – a ball that replaces your weapons when held. The jack will also regenerate health, give a temporary invulnerability buff when first captured, a short speed boost when picked up, and allow the holder to see both teammates and opponents on the map. The jack is picked up by simply touching it, or can be tackled away from enemy holders with a melee attack. The ball can be passed between players, or thrown, with primary fire.

PASS Time has speed-boost and jump pads on the map, making it a kinetic and movement-heavy mode. Teamwork and strategy is key, as with the sport it’s modelled on. There’s just a lot more violence in PASS Time than football.

The mode is available to play right now in beta.