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Team Fortress 2 introduces Maps Workshop beta

Team Fortress 2 Workshop

If you’re a fan of Team Fortress 2, you’ll be a bigger fan of the Maps Workshop beta Valve have just announced. It’s a service that utilises the Steam Workshop to bring user-made maps to all of Team Fortress 2’s player base to enjoy. Map makers can use the new tool to get feedback on their custom maps, as well as a place to gain recognition.

“The Maps Workshop Beta is an in-development one-stop hub where mapmakers can instantly upload and get feedback on their maps.” stated Valve. “Simply head over to the in-game Workshop tool and click on the new Maps button.

“If you’re just in the market to play new maps, you can now browse the Maps Workshop and up-vote and subscribe to maps you like—or just connect to a server running a Workshop map and it will download automatically from the Workshop.”

Users have already started to populate the Workshop with their creations – you can check them out here. Which one is your favourite?