Team Fortress 2 players can now design and sell their own taunts

Team Fortress 2

As part of their ongoing efforts to have players create pretty much all of the content in Team Fortress 2 by themselves, Valve have launched the Taunt Workshop, which allows creators to add their own custom animations to the game.

A taunt is a short animation that you can trigger at will to gloat over the demise of an enemy or loved one. Usually it’s something egregious like a rude dance or an obscene gesture. Now? Now it can be anything, and like most other kinds of user created content in Team Fortress 2, the best-rated examples will be sold on the official Mann Co. Store, with a share of the profits going to the creator.

To celebrate the launch of the Taunt Workshop, which had only been available in a beta version until now, Valve are adding three all-new community-created taunts. The Boston Breakdance, Most Wanted and Killer Solo. Here those are in action.

They’ve also supplied a Taunt Workshop FAQ that provides some more information on designing and uploading taunts, as well as a list of all of the tools Valve prefer to use.

Go make hundreds of taunts, bag the big bucks. Come on, animation is super easy. There has never been a better time to be alive.