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Team Fortress 2’s first community-made merchandise goes on sale

Team Fortress 2: an explosive prompt for the imagination.

Less than a month ago, Valve dissolved the boundaries of the Team Fortress 2 Workshop. Formerly the preserve of intangible weapons and menswear for the discerning in-game avatar, the Workshop now hosts designs for physical merchandise – the best of which have already been cherry-picked for production by Valve’s partners in their new venture, WeLoveFine.

“Not even a month after we announced the Merchandise Workshop existed, there are already top-voted community designs currently on sale at WeLoveFine,” wrote Valve, “with plenty more great stuff on the way.”

The WeLoveFine TF2 catalogue so far reveals a (perhaps understandable) bias toward t-shirts – t-shirts depicting buckets of chicken, the Mann Co. logo, Merasmus’ deathly headware and pixelated versions of all the game’s classes, to name but a few.

But there’s also the suggestion of more varied things to come – a crate of randomly-selected vinyl figures, and a spycrab plushie.

The latter comes replete with poseable claws that can interlock or hang from a suitable vantage point – as well as a promo code to unlock the wee beastie in-game.

The gear is pricey, if not actually riseable – and it’s worth noting that shipments outside the US and Canada will be subject to extra duty charges. See anything you like?