The 2014 Saxxy Awards are live; will be the “biggest Saxxys yet”

2014 Saxxy Awards

It’s that time of year again. The time where players of Team Fortress 2 put aside their arbitrary differences for some creative filmmaking brilliance. There are categories for short, action, comedy and drama this year. Videos are already being submitted to the competition, and we’ll have the nominees on Tuesday next week.

For the time being, lets take a look at last year’s best overall winner. The bar is set extremely high.

The fourth annual Saxxy awards will be slightly different this year, due to the fact that both Left 4 Dead and Portal assets are now within Source Filmmaker, so expect to see something else other than Team Fortress 2.

Submitters have until Monday 29th to get their entries in, where the public can upvote or downvote their creations. The following day, the nominees will be announced and we can begin to vote on our finalists.

Here’s last year’s best overall winner, who took the cake with “Lil Guardian Pyro”:

If anything this year can top that, I’m definitely excited. Are you?