The team responsible for not releasing Duke Nukem Forever want you to give them money for their next game


Kickstarter-alike Gambitious launched today, and amongst its initial roster of would-be video games is an FPS from a Texas-based studio named 3D Realms. It’s a jaunt through post-apocalyptica entitled Earth No More, and has thus far only been cancelled once, in 2009.

Unlike Kickstarter, Gambitious doesn’t require project starters to list potential risks. But if it did, Earth No More’s would read something like this.

  • Studio operates under unusual model – internal projects shifted over to new licensed game engine once a year. re: Duke Nukem Forever. Problem: at time of writing, running out of major engines to adopt – there’s Unity, CryEngine, and then we’re open to suggestions (count id Tech out – George no longer capable of looking John Carmack in the eye).

  • Haven’t shipped a game since 1997’s Shadow Warrior. Luckily George has plan to recreate conditions of “good ol’ days” – have sent away for copies of Candle in the Wind and Spice Girls: The Movie.

  • Sense of humour may be twenty years out of date – have forwarded matter to legal with instructions to apply for new one.

  • Concerns amongst team that post-apocalyptic setting ahead of curve. Prepared to push back release date indefinitely until aligned with appropriate zeitgeist.

Gambitious tell Eurogamer that Earth No More is a collaboration between 3D Realms and an as-yet-unannounced developer. More details are promised once the project launches.