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TFT tier list for 10.4: S tier champions in Teamfight Tactics

Here are the best champions in TFT based on the recent update


Looking for a TFT tier list of the best champions in the autobattler? Teamfight Tactics can be slightly overwhelming for beginners. Sure, it’s an easier autobattler game to get to grips with than the likes of Dota Underlords and even Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds mode, but it still takes knowing which champions to go for and some knowledge of the best TFT recipes.

TFT receives regular updates and balance changes which can affect the meta and tilt the equilibrium of the best and worst champs, but as with all autobattlers, there will always be a slightly more effective tactic with each new update. So, whether you’re about to jump in to TFT for the first time, or you want to know the best champions from the TFT 10.4 patch notes – our TFT tier list means that you’ll have a good idea of who to look for when darting into the centre circle to grab a champion.

After the ranger meta took over TFT for a while, they were forced to take a back seat as shadow and inferno comps took centre stage in the 10.4 update. The upcoming 10.4b patch nerfs shadow, taking the increased damage to 150% from 165%. That’s not to say shadow isn’t still a formidable play, but the electric origin buffs in the upcoming TFT 10.5 update will give us something fresh to think about. This TFT tier list takes you through the best of the best, the S tier champs, the creme de la creme – from the best comps to build around and the ideal early, mid, and late game champions.

Here is our TFT tier list:

TFT tier list for 10.4

  • S tier: Azir, Kindred, Karma, Yorick, Master Yi, Dr Mundo
  • A tier: Twitch, Annie, Ashe, Singed, Taric, Sion, Malphite, Brand
  • B tier: Nami, Lucian, Senna, Amumu, Khazix, Janna, Olaf, Lux, Zed

Early game


Although Azir received a small nerf to his starting mana in the 10.4 update, he’s still a powerful champion, capable of controlling the board with his sand soldier attack ability. He has a great synergy with other desert type champions and will only set you back three gold, not bad considering how much damage output Azir has and his capabilities at two star. Azir is a good early game champion, but he’s consistent and will see you through to the end game as well if need be. A feisty champion best suited to assassin/summoner comps.


Kindred is a great champion to build your team around, probably one of the best carry champions for three-cost, competing with Azir for the carry crown. Although Kindred tails off in the late game, she’s a solid ranger and extremely flexible, so you are not tied to a specific build if the game doesn’t deliver the champions you’re looking for.

Mid game


Another flexible champion, Karma’s ranger class, plus her offensive abilities mean she’s perfectly positioned to fend off the mid game heat. She can be built out into six shadow or six inferno comps, making her a great mid game pick if you’re struggling to make your line up work.


At the forefront of light and summoner builds, Yorick has received a number of nerfs over recent updates, but that hasn’t kept it from the S tier slot. His healing and resurrection abilities are complemented by the items Guardian Angel and Redemption, making Yorick a stubborn champion that sticks around the board. He can see you into the late game as well, especially if paired with agile, damage dealing rangers.

Late game

Master Yi

Master Yi is the perfect endgame play and he’s so powerful in fact, that his bonus damage decreased in the 10.4b patch taking him from 75/100/500 to 40/80/500. However, his abilities are easy to build a comp around, and in addition to his exceptional survivability, his retaliation attacks put out a lot of damage. Master Yi sits nicely in a six shadow team and has great synergy with Annie and Yorick.

Dr Mundo

Just for some variation from shadow and inferno plays, Dr Mundo will receive a buff in the 10.5 update, taking his damage from 50/100/200 to 50/100/150. He’s pretty solid anyway, complimenting poison/ranger comps and the upcoming 10.5 electric damage buffs for three and four-cost champs mean you can build a team around Twitch and Singed.

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