Tekken 7’s story trailer confirms you will be hitting people very hard with your fists

Tekken 7

The hard-hitting trailer for Tekken 7’s all-important story mode gives a few scant details of what complex narrative journeys you’ll be embarking on when it arrives early next year.

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The series’ first arrival onto PC will obviously feature the usual cast of the King of Iron Fist tournament getting together for a royal scrap, but the real questions arewhythey are getting into a good ol’ scrap.

Whydid Nina Williams abandon her beau at the altar to fight in a wedding dress?Whyis no-one pointing at Akuma and being like “lol, wrong game scrub”?Whyis Heihachi not dead yet? Dude’s like forty.

Tekken aficionados will probably recognise a number of other familiar faces in the trailer, which gives a very specific “Early 2017” release window to assuage any fears of the game being stuck in any further delays.