TERA returns to Steam as free-to-play; celebrates with new Gunner class

TERA Gunner

TERA’s long awaited return to Steam since it went free-to-play has finally arrived, and to celebrate, En Masse Entertainment has gifted their players a whole new class. The Gunner wields a monstrous firearm capable of complete destruction, while also employing the use of small constructs to add to their firepower, heal and lockdown their enemies.

Gunner’s make use of a resource system called “Willpower”, which fills up whenever they hit enemies with certain abilities, or slay them. Their most power abilities – some harness the power of the sun itself – cost huge amounts of Willpower, but deal monumental damage as a result. The class is also a heavy armour user, so they can hold their own in close combat and the frontlines.

The new class is only available to Castanic females, but any player can start one today at no additional cost. Bear in mind, that the version of TERA on the Steam store is that of En Masse Entertainments, and so its servers are based in North America. If high latency/ping is a concern, our European readers might want to opt for the European version by Gameforge.