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This city builder lets you terraform Mars

Take to Mars with a crew of Earth's best and brightest as you explore, develop cities, and terraform the planet into the next big destination for humanity

Two Terraform characters look out onto the planet of mars in this upcoming city builder

Interstellar city builder Terraformers could be the next chill Steam game to look out for if you want to unwind. Developer Asteroid Lab has revealed that the space game is coming to Steam Early Access on April 21.

Terraformers puts you at the head of an expedition party looking to explore Mars, develop cities, and terraform the planet into Earth’s next big hope. In a post on Valve’s storefront, Asteroid Lab explains that Early Access appeals to the team as “all the major components of the game are in place”, though there’s plenty of content yet to come. And, after all, what’s better than fan feedback as you’re working your way through that part of development?

“This will be a gradual process and will still take some months,” the team says. “But the core game is already playable and we feel there is no reason to keep the game away while we are adding more to it. In addition, the feedback we received on the demo and then on the prologue has been invaluable in improving the game, balancing it, and polishing it. We have some ideas for a few more features and content, but we think it would be cool to involve you all in the process.”

Even if you have played the demo or prologue already, there will be plenty of new features waiting for you next month. Terraformers is hitting Early Access with new projects, lifeforms, and leaders. While Mars is the game’s primary location, there are also space projects to check out further afield. You’ve also got a fresh trade interface and scenarios that feature challenges and difficulty levels.

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Asteroid Lab has revealed something of an Early Access roadmap, too. The first update introduces technologies, the second adds more leaders, the third expands the game to nearby moons, and the fourth will mark the Terraformers’ full release.

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