Terraria Halloween update gives you invincible mice. And a Pumpkin Moon.


Rejoice citizens! In Terraria’s 1.2.1 Halloween update The mice have finally been freed from tyranny and oppression at the hands of Terraria’s monsters. No more will they have to fear a grisly and untimely death, and no more will they accidentally spawn in the depths of hell. They are free! There’s also some stuff about  pumpkins too.

Apart from a lot of festive redecorating, major changes include Monsters not being able to kill Mice anymore, and Mice no longer spawning in Hell. That’s a pretty big deal. Monsters will also have a chance to drop Goodie Bags that are filled with “fun surprises”.

There’s also a special Pumpkin Moon event that can be triggered on Hard mode, which is basically a Horde scenario with increasingly difficult waves of enemies. The loot gets better the longer you last, and the event itself will be available until November 10th.

Bug fixes include Pirates now being able to spawn correctly, walls not having different frames and Frozen Slime blocks being craftable. You can read the full patch notes here. Here are the full patch notes:

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed an issue causing walls to not have different frames (Thanks Solsund!)
* Fixed an issue with world saves being larger than they should (Thanks Solsund!)
* Frozen Slime blocks are now craftable
* You can no longer reforge Music Boxes
* You can no longer place Campfires in water
* Palladium, Orichalcum, and Titanium bricks now show correctly on the map
* Placed Lihzahrd Brick Walls now show correctly on the map
* Fixed a bug that would prevent Pirates from spawning
* Titanstone now correctly blends with dirt
* Fixed several typos
* Minimap now draws over enemy health bars
* Walls now correctly draw behind Super Dart Traps
* Eater’s Bone now correctly drops from the Eater of Worlds
* Adjusted mannequin layering to draw armors correctly


* Mice can no longer be killed by monsters
* Mice can no longer spawn in hell
* Magma stone will no longer show a fire effect for non melee weapons
* Floaty Gross now cause weakness and drop Vitamins
* Sunflowers now reduce Crimson’s effects
* Crimson and Hollow now counteract each other
* Reduces the chance for a mechanical boss summon to drop during hardmode
* Hardmode Dungeon Keys must now be crafted from rare drops
* Pygmy Staff has had its damage increased slightly
* Updated female armor sprites
* Added messages to help the player progress in hardmode
* Reduced chance for a Dungeon Spirit to drop
* Spectre Armor now requires Chlorophyte Bars to craft
* Spectre Wings now need 10 ectoplasm to craft
* Spectre Armor now only heals for 8% instead of 10%


* Added Pumpkin Tiles and Walls
* Added Hay Tiles and Walls
* Added Spooky Wood Tiles and Walls
* Added Goodie Bags that drop from most monsters during Halloween
* Added new Pumpkin Moon event that will be available all year
* Added new Halloween themed pets
* Added new Halloween themed costumes
* Added new Halloween themed paintings
* Added new Halloween themed weapons and armor
* Several common enemies will now be in costumes
* Hearts and Stars have been replaced with something more festive
* Several friendly NPCs will sell costumes
* Dryad will now sell Pumpkin Seeds year round
* Merchant will now sell an item to harvest hay during Halloween
* Pumpkins will grow on their own during Halloween
* Added new decorative items craftable from Pumpkins and Spooky Wood