You know how the devs are “done adding content to Terraria”? They’re not

Don't Starve puts the Deerclops in Terraria, and Terraria puts the Eye of Cthulhu in Don't Starve

Don't Starve's Deerclops, in Terraria

Terraria has had a lot of final updates, but it seemed like Journey’s Actual End might be the real swan song. (It has ‘actual’ right in the title!) Well, it seems the devs have at least one more last ride in mind, as a pair of teasers indicate that Terraria is crossing over with Don’t Starve, and it looks like the games are trading bosses.

In an update on Terraria’s Steam page, the devs at Re-Logic showed a gif of the Eye of Cthulhu popping up inside of Don’t Starve. “You know how we always say that we are done adding content to Terraria? Well, about that… oh, wait, sorry, wrong game! Carry on, nothing to see here…​”

Over on the Don’t Starve side, the most recent changelog for Don’t Starve Together features a brief clip of the Deerclops appearing within Terraria. (We’ve played with some brightness sliders to enhance it for the image above.) In a cheeky Twitter exchange, Klei suggests “it will all sort itself out by next month”, so it’s probably safe to expect to see these updates land soon.

There’s always an excuse to jump back in, I guess.

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