Terraria x Don’t Starve crossover hits next week

The Terraria x Don't Starve crossover is coming this week, apparently.

The Terraria x Don't Starve crossover is hitting this week.

The much-teased Terraria x Don’t Starve crossover has finally had a release date confirmed, and it’ll be happening across both games this week on November 18. It appears like Terraria and Don’t Starve Together, specifically, will be trading bosses and items when the crossover hits on Thursday.

It previously seemed like developer Re-Logic was done adding things to Terraria, with the Journey’s Actual End update making that pretty clear. However, since last month developers Re-Logic and Don’t Starve developer Klei had been teasing some sort of crossover, with boss characters from both games like the Deerclops and the Eye of Cthulhu in particular seemingly making the jump.

Now both developers have finally announced a release date for the crossover, and it’ll all go down on November 18 – whatever it really is, since we just don’t know. There’s also a teaser poster which you can see below, showing Don’t Starve’s Wilson wielding Terraria’s Light Bane’s Sword and Shadow Armour amidst many enemies and weapons from both game series.

Monsters include the Eye of Cthulhu, Servant of Cthulhu, Demon Eye, Wandering Eye, and Plantera from Terraria (right side) and the Deerclops, Ghost, Glommer, and Bernie from Don’t Starve (left), with numerous weapons on the top. Presumably all of these enemies and items will swap between the games when the crossover hits on Thursday.

Both Terraria and Don’t Starve are two of the best survival games on PC, so it’s excellent to see a collaboration between the two.