Terry Crews has gone full PC gamer, is looking to start Twitch streaming

Terry Crews PC gaming

If you follow former NFL linebacker and current Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews on Instagram, you may have seen his recent post showing off his huge haul of PC components. After having fun playing Battlefield 1 on PC at the EA E3 event, Crews has decided to join our joyous hobby. But now he’s looking to step up his game. 

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His PC is already quite a beast, packing an i7-6800K, 32GB of RAM, and a GTX 1080 graphics card, but Crews wants more power. He’s already ordered a second GTX 1080 card so he can run in SLI, and is hoping to grab a second monitor, too.

Steady on, Terry, that’s the kind of rig we’ve got at PCGN HQ, and we do this for a living!

He’s currently learning the intricacies of streaming on Twitch, too, so he can bring some bad-ass flavouring gaming to the purple channel. “I’m going to take this to a whole ‘nother level,” he says. “This will be the Terry Crews version of gaming.”

What kind of games can we expect him to be playing? Job Simulator, apparently. Crews has a HTC Vive in his collection, and that’s the game both he and his son are looking forward to most. So if EA try to claim otherwise, you heard the facts here.

As we often do, Crews had a few issues setting up his new build, and even livestreamed his progress to get help from his fans. As you’d expect, people dived on the chance to help the guy out.

So, what are the chances of the next big Twitch streamer being Terry Crews? Should the big hitters watch out?

Thanks, PC Gamer.