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The $28000 Team Fortress 2 backpack

According to, I have $46 worth of virtual goods weighting me down in Team Fortress 2. That's 84 refined metal in Mann money. I'd never sell them, because the whole idea terrifies me, but it's interesting to know I have capital sat on a server in a pile of fake weapons. I could be an arms dealer, buy myself a meal and regret the hassle that meal caused me at a later date. But there are people out there who could buy a lot more. is a crowd-sourced Team Fortress 2 backpack stat and price tracker. It asks the community to vote on what they'd pay for items, in both real money and in TF2 trading terms. I hopped on, thinking about an early retirement fuelled by the rapid sell-off of my pack. There are a few weapons that I'd expected to skew the score, but Community Weapons aren't tradeable, so despite being hugely rare they have no marketable value. I won't be retiring on Valve's generosity.

But someone like Mattie! would be able to take a  year off if he managed to convert his pile of unique hats into real-world loot. It's more remarkable when you consider that TF2 backpacks only hold up to 1000 items: he has $28061 across 864 items, which works out at an average of $32 per item. He's managed this by focusing his trading attention on Unique Hats. He's piled up Team Captains, both vanilla and with unique properties attributed to them: his Team Captain with Burning Flames is worth more than my entire backpack, but as it's a peaked hat engulfed in flames I've little reason to be jealous because my head isn't on fire. 
His harem of hats even tops Team Fortress 2 hat ponderer Robin Walker. If Robin ever wanted to take the money and run, unless he hacked his account before fleeing, he'd earn a paltry 1451 dolleridoos. He'd only be able to buy seven bullets for the Heavy's minigun
I'm curious to know what your backpack is worth. What's the most valuable thing, both in terms of Team 
Fortress 2 trading and to you personally? I have a pathetic emotional attachment to my Strange Spy Knife: it keeps track of all my kills which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I could never sell my pink Camera Beard, either. Partly because no-one would buy it, but I look decidedly dapper. 

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