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Better living through chemistry sets: Team Fortress 2 updated


Chemist or alchemist? It’s the question that gnaws at every budding potioneer. The former promises steady work and sound science, the latter the outside chance of being the first to engineer gold and then… hide it under the stairs so’s not to throw off the economy you’re attempting to beat, I guess? 

The TF2 dev team have just provided another point in favour the former by streamlining the use of their new Chemistry Sets, added in honour of the game’s 17th birthday. You can now double-click on your backpack items to use them, and the game client will remember to warn you that transmuting non-tradable items will always produce non-tradeable results.

Last night’s update also saw Valve do away with the Marked for Death icon for local players, and ensure that the Gunslinger’s taunt kill actually counts as such. What’s more, they’ve seen to the stretched polygons that prevented your HUD 3D model from being as aesthetically-pleasing as it could be.

  • Added the ability to double-click backpack items to use them in Chemistry Sets
  • Fixed clients not always seeing a warning about using not-tradable items in Chemistry Sets
  • Fixed not-tradable Strangifiers not applying the not-tradable status to the item they are used on
  • Fixed the Gunslinger’s taunt kill not counting towards taunt kills on a Strange Gunslinger
  • Removed showing the Marked For Death icon over the head of the local player
  • Fixed seeing stretched polygons in the HUD 3D Character

As always, the update will take effect just as soon as you restart the game client. Where have you been spending your time in TF2 lately? How busy is MvM these days?