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Gabe ‘n’ gunplay: Valve chief modded into Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

The cheekbones are a tad too prominent and the neck a little too broad, modelled as they are on the Heavy. But the indented full moon spectacles and furrowed brow are unmistakable. Gabe Newell has been introduced to Team Fortress 2.

The Honcho Set is the work of TF2 Workshop item creator heinous, and comes in two parts: those trademark glasses, and a fetching brown wig.

Gabe’s yet to be selected for inclusion in the game proper by Valve, but he can already introduce himself here:

Illuminating. And this ‘showcase’ is worth watching for the last second alone:

What’s most gratifying about all this is just how minor they are – the tweaks required to transform Team Fortress’ minigun expert into the man responsible for making Valve the most important company in PC gaming. How did we never see it before?

Thanks to JP LeBreton for this one.