Meet the 1920s Team


Valve transplanted them into the 1800s in their comic, and they’re already a little timeless, tied loosely to the 1950s spy genre, only with many more explosions, twice as many double crosses (SPY!) and many, many more bullets, but Ramida Rojanavipat has slotted them neatly into the 1920s with a gorgeous set of stylised drawings, reimagining the entire cast of Team Fortress 2 as 20s socialites and mercenaries. The Spy gets a tux, the Engineer gets a railwayman’s hat and scarf, and the Heavy… he’s pretty much still the Heavy. Just with a period hat and an eye for ballistical detail.

She’s just finished the entire set, ending appropriately with the Pyro, which gets a hood and looks ever so slightly more sinister than the actual version. There’s also a WW1 style Soldier, complete with artillery cannon slung under his arm, Kilted Demoman with a rifle grenade, Quartermain style Sniper complete with African grass and suspiciously yellow liquid in jars littered around him, and a Scout in sleeveless jumper and tie, along with appropriately crazed Medic with some sort of steampunk contraption under his arm.
They’re all below in small, quick to see form, but if you want to see them in high res glory, you’ll have to head over to Ramida’s page on Deviantart.

Medic, Scout and Soldier:

Pyro, Demoman and Sniper:

Engineer, Spy and Heavy: