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Necromedic: healing transcends death in Team Fortress 2’s Mann vs Machine Two Cities update


The Heavy and Medic have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship for as long as anybody can remember – but as their opponents well know, once one half fails, the other is left sudden vulnerable.

Like all other threats to their marriage though, even death has now been overcome, for the purposes of Valve’s trying Mann vs Machine co-operative mode. The medic can now reassemble the pieces of his fallen teammates and bring them back to life, in the grandest of ancient Egyptian traditions. Observe.

As you’ve now just seen in more dramatic fashion than I could possibly muster, even with all-caps, the Medic can now BRING DEAD TEAMMATES BACK TO LIFE AND REPEL ROBOTS AND BULLETS ALIKE WITH AN UPGRADEABLE SHIELD. Also shoot Mad Milk syringes, apparently, which will heal on contact.

The backdrop to these gib-stitch-tacular new events will be Rottenburg – Valve’s second of Two Cities, after Mannhattan – a “sprawling village” possessed of vaguely mid-European vibe and architecture. Unlike yesterday’s map, Rottenburg appears to be Valve-developed.

Another nine map-specific achievements will complement Mannhattan’s, and a Rocket Specialist upgrade will allow the Soldier to shoot at a faster rate, stunning any enemies he doesn’t quite kill. Even better, direct hits will boast a bigger splash damage radius, pulling more bots into their blast.

That’s all there is to be said, apart from the fact that it’s all available in-game right now. Go!

Those of you still here: what’s keeping you? Not a fan of MvM?