Report: Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed will see PC release, feature Team Fortress 2 characters


Sonic All Stars Racing, the tremendously overblown arcade racer, with powerups, loop the loops and cars that transform into jet fighters hasn’t been given a release date for PC yet. But it surely can’t be that long after the dates for the Vita and the NintendoDS, those being November 16 in Europe and December 11 in the US. Why? Because… the Pyro can drive now?

Yes, that is indeed the Pyro that you see there. In the video, he gets to race against a pack ofvideogame celebs. And then transform into a heavy on a motorboat.

We’re not exactly sure where this has come from. The Youtube comments suggest the characters are hidden, but accessible via mods,on console copies of the game with reviewers right now.

If so: exciting!

Thanks to Mr Tony Heugh for bringing this to our attention.