Robotic Headgear is SO in right now: 57 new community-made hats hit Team Fortress 2 in Robotic Boogaloo


We knew something strange was going on in Team Fortress 2. Well now the hat’s out of the crate: Robotic Boogaloo introduces 57 new robotic-themed hats into TF2, and every single one of them was crafted by the community.

Available in RoboCrates, you can go hunting for these incredibly stylish hats right now. They become rare drops after June 3rd, so get out there and find one before they become valuable enough to fund your retirement.

In a new move for Valve, every penny of revenue generated from the RoboCrate keys will be divided up amongst the community that helped make Robotic Boogaloo, regardless of if their hat became one of the 57 or not.

But wait! Robotic Boogaloo is more than just a collection of funky, trend-setting headgear. It’s a website, 100% engineered by the community. It’s a video, shot, directed and produced by uber-talented non-Valve people. It’s a super-fun comic, drawn and scripted by our fellow players. Isn’t that just marvellous? It’s amazing what a bit of millinary can do to bring people together.