Team Fortress 2 to get official line of plush toys


Till now Team Fortress 2 could take up your every waking hour, sucking you in from the moment dawn, fresh and rosy fingered, climbed through your curtains, until dusk yanked it out by the belt. Now, though, Valve have something to accompany you even into the night time, plushes.

Yup, hold ’em tight and dream of Reds or, if you’re that way inclined, Blus. NECA, makers of a number ofValve toys are releasing a Pyro and Scout plush this September.

Check em out:

According to the product page spotted by Examiner, the plushes are”No less cuddly for their weapons and attack skills, these two offensive class specialists are hand-sewn and true to the animated look and feel of the game!”

The plush toys are 13″ tall. That’s just a bit smaller than a scale model Stone Henge, you could use them as your dwarves to dance round them: