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Team Fortress 2 Halloween event teased


The Spy’s looking a tad… off-colour today, as you can see. Give him a click on the TF2 homepage and you’ll be taken to the Classifieds pages of The Teufort Reader, which offers some clues as to the contents of Team Fortress’ upcoming Halloween update.

Dominating the page is an advert for WizardCon, which sports a dramatic photo of Merasmus the Magician. Scottish sorcerer Merasmus first appeared in the Bombinomicon comic last year. In TF2 fiction, he’s responsible for taking Demoman’s left eye and is currently the Soldier’s roommate – the “non-wizard” referenced in the ad.

A torn corner reveals a half-page advert for tarot cards, and a garbled sentence ending in ‘enemies’. I’d hazard at the verb being ‘thrown’, and wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them appear as a ranged weapon during the event.

Also referenced are ‘voodoo cursed items’, suggesting that some current TF2 staples might have their effects changed for the night.

Will you be logging in on Halloween to see what’s changed? Valve will have a lot on their plate – they’re also introducing a new Dota 2 map, Dire Tire, for the occasion.