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Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine to get new difficulty levels, loot, and matchmaking in new update


Back in August, when sun was sun and Jessica Ennis was the new Joey Essex, Valve released a new mode – nay, a new game – for Team Fortress 2: Mann vs Machine. And lo, it was new and exciting. Unfortunately, it later transpired that they’d gone and shipped the thing with only one difficulty level. And lo, it was Hard. But that’s all to change.

We’ll still have Operation Steel Trap (Hard), but the new update will see it joined by Operation Oil Spill (Marginally Less Hard) and Operation Gear Grinder (Too Hard).

Each comes with new loot; spoils lavished upon those who can ride the steel waves. Make it through Operation Oil Spill for rusty, blood-covered ‘bot heads, or Operation Gear Grinder for 24-carat diamond ‘bot heads, either of which would effortlessly dominate a living room mantelpiece. Remember, though, that you’ll need to playing on the official ‘Mann Up’ servers to get them.

Changes are also due for matchmaking, say Valve, allowing you to stick with a group for another go-around after a successful outing, or choose multiple missions at once to find suitable partners in disassembly sooner.

Are you still playing MvM? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or read our Phill’s first impressions of Mann vs Machine.