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Team Fortress 2‘s Mann vs Machine release date set for August 15th, brings co-op robot warfare


It’s real, it’s happening. Team Fortress 2 is getting a brand new six player co-op mode called Mann vs Machine in which players from the red and blu teams combine to fight an army of grey robots.

I can’t quite believe I’m writing that sentence.


In Mann vs Machine you’ll be trying to prevent wave after wave of grey robots from deploying a bomb right in the “centre of one of Mann Co.’s many strongholds”. The first map revealed by Valve is the Mannworks Quicklime Factory. The robots you face are weilding some of the most popular weapons from the TF2 arsenal – creating the equivalent of character classes and targets that you must prioritise killing as a team. That includes robot medics, robot heavies wearing robot boxing gloves, and robot sentry buster bomb things.

The trailer is, as usual, amazing.

We’ve been following the slow reveal of Mann vs Machine for months now – it’s an incredible to see Valve pull the curtain back to reveal something truly magical. Well, that’s this weekend’s playtime sorted.