Team Fortress 2 UGC tournament season begins June 10


Consider this your bi-yearly reminder that Dota isn’t the only Valve game to boast pro leagues populated by young men wearing t-shirts emblazoned with energy drinks. Witness two or three Counter-Strike variants and Team Fortress 2, the latter of which is about the be the subject of two United Gaming Clans tournaments.

UGC are firing up both their Highlander and 6v6 leagues in preparation for their Summer Fun season. Players will compete in North America, South America, and Europe for both formats, and also in Asia and Australia/New Zealand for Highlander.

TF2 may be six years old, but its competitive scene is far from in remission. Indeed, this year’s Highlander season looks set to break records: Valve report that 580 teams have signed up to take part so far.

You might consider signing up yourself. UGC’s leagues were created to offer an organised competitive environment for players “of all experience levels”, and its rules are set in consultation with the community.

The first week of matches are due to begin on June 10 and 12. Are you interested?