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Team Fortress 2 update deals with the technical fallout of unusual hats


I guess you reap what you sow, or at least, what you tailer. Contemporary Team Fortress 2 is subject to all sorts of offbeat headwear, but ‘unusual’ hats are by far the most garish. They’re accompanied by a host of quirky visual effects, and it’s the glitchful consequences of these that are being wrestled to the ground in the new update.

Valve’s TF2 dev team have tackled a bug that saw unusual effects sometimes float in the air above corpses, like detached souls or will-‘o-the-wisps, as well as an issue that caused effects to show up in erroneous fashion when in spectator mode.

What’s more, they’ve decided to let players fiddle with the attachment point and offset of particle effects on their hats themselves via the character loadout screen.

Elsewhere, the developers have reorganised crate listings on the Community Market. Could there be any better parody of the shooter market than a trade in crates?

Here are those changes again, along with the rest of this week’s major fixes and switches:

  • Unusual effects:

Attachment point and offset for particle effects on unusual hats can now be adjusted from the character loadout screen

Fixed a bug that would cause unusual effects to float in the air over dead players

Fixed a bug that would cause unusual effects to show incorrectly sometimes when spectating other players

  • Network interpolation and update convars can no longer be changed when playing. To configure these convars, players must not be connected to a server or must join the spectators
  • Fixed a server crash caused by out-of-range animation sequence numbers
  • Crates listed on the Community Market are now separated by series

Existing listings will be migrated over the next couple days