Team Fortress 2 update deals with undedicated dedicated server, sees off shadow bug

Team Fortress 2

Valve released a new TF2 comic yesterday, apropos of nothing. Nothing tangible, anyway. I imagine they simply felt like triggering a flood of reinstalls on a nondescript Wednesday.

Perhaps one of those reinstalls happened on your computer? Then you might be suddenly interested to hear what’s been nipped, tucked and jiggled about in TF2’s files lately.

The update appeared yesterday, and will apply its various gels and plasters automatically the next time you boot up TF2.

Fixed! The ageist attitude of the Linux dedicated server that point-blank refused to cater to elderly versions of the OS. Fixed! The need to follow-up the word ‘HUD’ with its ugly sibling, ‘crash’. Fixed! An occult-sounding error that saw the Warrior’s Spirit inhabited by a shadow bug. Brr.

Details abound below:

  • Fixed the Linux dedicated server failing to run on older Linux versions
  • Fixed the HUD 3D Character causing other HUD items to sometimes disappear
  • Fixed a client HUD crash when Spies disguise as a class that has a non-active weapon like the Chargin’ Targe
  • Fixed an outdated tip for the Quick-Fix
  • Fixed a shadow bug for the Warrior’s Spirit

When was the last time you played TF2? Before last night?